Artist and Urbanist drawing what I see.

International Week of Anti-Imperialist Struggle, Poster Exhibit, Hybrid War Dec 2020

International Week of Anti-Imperialist Struggle, Poster Exhibit, Imperialism Oct 2020

Main Street: How a City’s Heart Connects Us All by Mindy Fullilove, Poster pictured, Sept 2020

Progressive City, Fence Paint for essay “COVID-19 is the Pandemic, but Planning Should Course Correct to be Part of the Solution”, April 2020

The Chicago Reader Coloring Book page contribution, CHI 2020

Artists for Bernie, Co-Prosperity Sphere, CHI 2020 Porridge Magazine, Issue 4, UK 2020

No Dear – Poetry Journal, Issue 24 on Borders, Cover illustration, NYC 2019

ROOT-ed Zine, Issue 6, UK 2019 Immigration Detention is Deadly, DWN Poster, CHI 2019

Community-Hosted Art Collection, Donor, CHI 2018

Dirt: Intersectional Approaches to Messiness. University of Toronto, Conference presenter, November 2017

Postcards from the Anthropocene: Unsettling the Geopolitics of Representation. University of Edinburgh, Conference contributor, June 2017

Viewpoints: Migration, Displacement and Mobility, Parsons, May 2017

Progressive City, Fence Paint for essay “Place-making When Black Lives Matter”, April 2017

History, Memory, Politics, Conference exhibition, NYC 2016

POUT, Saki Records, CHI 2016 Blueprints, Chicago Industrial Arts and Design Center, CHI 2016

Opaque Quarterly Magazine, Cover Illustration, CHI 2015

Roman Susan Annex Solo Exhibition, Dog Days, CHI 2015

En Cultura, “Can I see your ID?” AMFM Magazine, CHI 2015

Glenwood Art Festival, outdoor painting, CHI 2014

“It’s All True” WBEZ Podcast Illustrator, CHI 2014-15

Krengi Struti Festival, Cieszyn (Poland) History Museum, Sculpture, CZN 2013

Tomas Bata University (Czech Republic), Fiberglass Assistant, ZLIN 2013

Recession Art, American Daydream, NY 2013

Roman Susan Solo Exhibition, Pedestrian, CHI 2012

Raise Your VOX, Zine. Cover image vol. i & ii. Urban Confustions, International women’s literary journal, 2012

British Parliament, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, LDN 2010

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